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What Does a Furnace Reset?

by Techcool| September 1, 2020

what does a furnace reset

Have you ever wondered how your furnace reset button works? What is it doing, exactly?

The reset button is to shut down the furnace before your breaker can be powered.

If the furnace is too hot, or if an electrical system interruption occurs, this may be required.

The problem is usually not more than the pop-up reset button. You must press the reset button again to get the furnace running again.

However, if you press the reset button and your oven turns off again, you can destroy your oven if you continue to press the reset button.

If, when you push the reset button, your furnace fails to shut off, it's time to call an HVAC professional. We would be delighted to see our technicians at Techcool. Call us on (702) 808-4423.

Reset button position

The position of your reset button is inevitably based on your furnace 's label and model.

For example, you should be able to find your reset button on your blower motor if you have both central heating and central air in your homes.

You may assume that it is a reset button since it is normally colored red or yellow in order to distinguish it.

You'll know that it's gotten up because it's going to stick about half an inch in comparison to the usual flush.

On some models, due to the position of the blower engine, you may not be able to see the reset button immediately.

The reset button may be reached to the bottom and back of the engine.

Once it has been located, it may take up to 30 seconds to press until the furnace is actually reset.

Gas Furnace Reset

Follow the following steps to reset if you have a gas furnace.

If you can not restart the furnace after these measures, turn off the machine and call a professional.

  1. Check if your light is out.
  2. Turn the thermostat down as low as possible.
  3. Turn the power off to the pot.
  4. Turn off the main furnace gas supply. Put the supply line for pilot gas open.
  5. Light a match and hang on to the opening of the pilot flame jet inside the oven. The flame of the pilot was to be religious.
  6. Switch on power again and the main supply of gas.
  7. Press the reset button and hold it for 30 seconds or so.
  8. Boost the desired temperature of your thermostat. Your furnace should be enflamed. If not, it's time for a professional to call.

Causes for an Oil Furnace Reset

Gas furnaces aren't the only reset furnaces. For several reasons, oil furnaces may also be reset.

Put simply, when the furnace discovers that no flames remain in the burner 's chamber, reset button in an oil furnace trips.

This is usually the consequence of an interruption in the fuel supply to the oven.

The oven then shuts off automatically to prevent damage to the cooker.

You must first ensure that you do not run out of oil. If required, arrange an oil supply ASAP and ensure that your oil tank is totally drained.

Please inform your oil company.

Before refilling an empty tank, you are at risk of damaging your system, the technician will have to check your system.

You may be an obstacle to fuel lines if you know that you haven't run out of oil. Or somebody could have erroneously closed one of the valves.

Check that before calling an HVAC professional all your valves are open.

Your Furnace's having trouble? Techcool can help!

We know at Techcool that life is getting busy.

Sometimes you just forget to fill up the oil tank, but it can cause some major damage if you do not take the right measures to solve the problem, even when this is an easy solution.

We will help you if you have run out of the oil recently and you need to prime your machine.

Similarly, our technicians will inspect your oven and diagnose and treat the problem if you have attempted to reset your furnace in vain.

It is important that you do not try to diagnose the problem yourself, otherwise you risk damaging your system, which can require reparations or complete replacement in the worst case scenario.

You can trust Techcool to provide you with your oven with the care and service it deserves with our decades of expertise in the HVAC industry.

Call us at (702) 808-4423 or fill in our website's contact form and help us get your stove back to work today!

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