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Rheem Recirculating Tankless Water Heater Pump

Are you on the lookout for a smart way of heating water? Raheem Recirculating Tankless Water Heater Pump is what you need now. Techcool is the right shop to stop by. We are supplying these instantaneous and on demand water heaters throughout Las Vegas. We motivate people to save not only money but also energy through these water heaters.

The need for maximizing energy saving is what motivates people to make switch to a Tankless water heater. With life expectancy of more than 20 years, these water heaters are a good choice. You can make the most out of your investment in Tankless water heater if you consider proper maintenance.

The Tankless water heaters are more durable than traditional heaters. Then, what are you waiting for? Hop on our website and scroll through the collection to buy Tankless water heater in Las Vegas today. Place your order today and save more energy in home.

    • Rheem 5.3 GPM 36Kw High Efficiency Tankless



      Rheem Performance Tankless Electric Point-of-Use Water Heaters help reduce energy usage, save on energy costs, and are small so they will be a perfect match for installations under a cabinet or sink in your home, office, boat or RV. Plus.


      · Energy and cost savings: heats water only when it is needed for savings of up to 50% on water heating costs when used in a point-of-use application or 34% when used as a whole-home solution
      · Instant, continuous hot water: instantly provides ample hot water for up to 5 showers and 2 faucets (review selection guide below to confirm this water heater will provide the hot water needed based on your geographic location)
      · Space savings: small, compact design fits perfectly in tight places like under cabinets and sinks
      · Easy to adjust: electronic temperature control adjustable in 1° increments from 80°-140°F with easy-to-read display (Celsius and Fahrenheit compatible)
      · Easy installation: compatible with 3/4 in. water connectors for flex hose installation and no venting or T and P valve required for Easy installation (professional installation recommended)
      · Easy to maintain: durable, easy-to-replace heating elements
      · A reliable hot water solution from Rheem, the global leader in water heating


    • Rheem 9.5 GPM Natural Gas High Efficiency Tankless



      This Rheem Performance Platinum High Efficiency Tankless Water Heater provides estimated energy cost savings of more than $1,100 over 12 years. It’s ENERGY STAR Certified and with a 0.93 UEF, qualifies for many rebates and incentives. Plus, our exclusive Water Savings Setting can save 1,100 Gal. of water per year. Rheem Tankless Water Heaters are preferred by contractors and designed to get your home enjoying the comfort and convenience of continuous hot water with minimal installation costs.


      · Continuous hot water: Rheem performance platinum tankless water heaters heat water when you need it, for as long as you need it, and the 9.5 GPM model can provide enough hot water to supply up to 3 bathrooms at the same time (at a 35 temperature rise)
      · Saves water: save up to 1,100 Gal. of water per year with our exclusive water savings setting
      · Saves energy costs: Tankless water heaters heat water only when you need it which saves on energy costs from day one and combined with Rheem condensing technology, this leads to estimated energy cost savings more than $1,100 over 12 years
      · Additional savings: this product qualifies for rebates through many utility companies and state/local governments look below the product price to see if any apply to your purchase based on your location
      · Saves space: small, wall-mount design frees up valuable floor space within your home
      · Perfect for replacement: compatible with standard gas line making it easier to replace a traditional tank; plus, advanced venting technology increases installation location options; venting lengths are up to 150 ft. on 3 in. PVC and up to 60 ft. on 2 in. PVC
      · Saves on installation costs: included components, like the horizontal 2 in. vent termination kit and built-in condensate neutralizer, and low-cost PVC venting compatibility help to keep installation costs to a minimum
      · Easy to own: our maintenance notice setting alerts you with a flashing warning code when it is time to call for a regular service check, and our hard water build-up indicator automatically displays a service alert if scale build-up is detected
      · Recirculation pump kit ready: quickly pairs with our tankless recirculation pump kit-timer based (model # RH17920) and hot water recirculating pump with under sink kit (model # RH18537) to provide faster hot water at the tap to reduce water waste and save up to 12,000 Gal. per year
      · EcoNet enabled: this product can connect to the EcoNet mobile app via the tankless EcoNet accessory kit (model # REWRA630TWH) sold separately


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