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How to protect HVAC

by Techcool| July 26, 2020

how to protect hvac

After installing the HVAC system in your residential or commercial area, the next thing you might want to do is to take care of it.

Taking care of your installed systems will save you from spending too much money, effort, time, and any possible type of hassle soon.

Although HVAC manufacturers are confident that their products can withstand time, including various elements like exposure to rain or storms and sunlight, you might still want to go on the safer side.

Informing yourself about the ways of protecting your AC from different instances will help you a lot.

Besides, maintenance is crucial and essential to any equipment, especially if you consider it one of your investments. You might not want to lose such investment due to carelessness.

How to protect AC outdoor unit from rain?

Natural elements are inevitable, and sometimes an average rainfall that you heard on the weather forecast might come as a massive storm later on.

This is why it is always essential to keep yourself aware and ready at all times. Note that tropical storms, hurricanes, or thunderstorms can break outdoor furniture and can even harm your HVAC system.

As the caretaker of your equipment you might want to consider the following:

Cover the part of the unit exposed outside

There are available AC covers in the market like hail guards for hail storms. If you cannot find one, you can opt to purchase a cover that will perfectly suit your AC unit.

Some companies or stores offer AC cover installment services, and you might want to consider buying one as it can save your unit from direct exposure to rain.

Trim nearby trees

Obviously, rain is not just purely rainfall. It includes heavy and strong winds that are dangerous to your unit if you have trees nearby.

The best thing to do is trim the trees' branches to prevent it from falling and destroying your installed AC cover and the unit itself.

Ensure that the wires are tightly covered

Electrical short circuits happen when there are wires connections exposed or damaged. These exposed or damaged wires are very harmful to your unit and might cause serious trouble when a short circuit happened.

Make sure that before the storm or rainfall comes, you have checked the wire coverings carefully.

How to protect AC outdoor unit from sunlight?

Direct and too much exposure to sunlight is worse for your HVAC system than you thought. It can affect your unit’s reading performance of the interior temperature.

As a consequence, it can lead to an inefficient cooling system.

Therefore, you might want to consider the following during the hot season:

Try to place the unit where there is not much direct sunlight

Before installing the system, you might want to double-check the area if it is safe from direct sunlight.

This is the first and one of the most effective and less hassle way of protecting your unit to sunlight. You might want to place it where there is a cool shade.

However, if you have already installed it, do not worry because there are still other ways.

Plant shrubs or plants for shading

If you failed to do the first tip, this is another remedy for your problem.

Since plants can provide shade and have a natural cooling effect on the environment, you might want to consider planting various shrubs to provide shade to your unit.

However, it would be best to consider the distance between the plant and the unit to regularize the airflow needed by your unit.

Likewise, you do not want any fall out leaves on your AC because you planted very near your unit.

Cover the part exposed to the sunlight

This is the same thing you need during rainy seasons. AC covers are still the best tool to protect your unit.

You might want to invest in an AC cover as it applies to both rainy and sunny seasons. AC covers are something that you will not regret in the end.

HVAC protection during construction

With the dust and other debris present during construction, renovation, or remodeling, you might worry about the harm it will cause to your unit.

You should not worry because you can save your system from any harm with the following tips:

Shutdown the system during construction

The best way to protect your unit is to unplug it during the work, especially if it is in the same room as your AC’s.

Although some will consider covering it, it is still best to turn it off to avoid any dust from going inside the system.

Clean the work area before turning on the unit

Before plugging the AC back, you might want to get rid of the dust and debris inside the room.

Likewise, you might consider getting the messy work such as cutting woods outside so you can lessen the dust inside the room.

Note that dust is the number one enemy of the HVAC system, and you should be aware of it.

Clean and check the air filters regularly

Although you covered the vents and turned off the system itself, it is still possible for the dust to enter the equipment.

The best thing you should do is check the AC before, during, and after the construction to monitor if there are specks of dust stuck in the system.

Air filters are essential parts of an AC, and they should be free from any form of blockage.

Taking care of your AC in general

Regardless of the season and whether you have ongoing construction, you should practice checking your unit every once.

Since you have spent money in the unit itself and the installment, you might not want to waste it all and cause hassle to yourself and your family.

Note that proper maintenance is what it takes to keep your unit in its maximum performance, and you can contribute a lot in extending your unit's life.

All it takes is a little knowledge and willingness to take care of your system.

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